Additional information on repairing a fence or wire mesh

Additional information on repairing a fence or wire mesh

The repair of the fence is an operation whose simplicity and effectiveness, as well as the intervention technique, choose the best tools for repair, depend on a lot:

  • From the type of material with which it is built;
  • The extent of the damage;
  • From the fact that the fence is or is not equipped with foundations, which would increase the number of hours of labor and consequently the economic entity of the final estimate.

Repair the fence or wire mesh: ancillary operations

Also keep in mind that to carry out the repair of the fence or wire mesh in question, not indifferent masonry works may be necessary, such as:

  • The use of cement or concrete to solidify the foundations, as in the case of masonry fences, or to lay the supporting poles of the wire mesh;
  • The laying of interlocking bricks, typical of dry fence walls, which requires a lot of professional skill and which has long processing times;
  • The replacement of mosaics or stones that cover the fence, as a result of water infiltrations that have affected the structural seal;
  • Possible plastering or waterproofing works on the enclosed perimeter, if this is brick, concrete or simply coated with plaster and quartz paint for outdoors.

In this regard, please note that further processing steps may be required after successful repair of the fence or wire mesh , such as:

  • The drafting of one or more coats of water-repellent paint for outdoor use;
  • The application of anti-rust products, typical of electro-welded mesh;
  • The application of waterproofing products, which in the case of a masonry fence are very necessary, so that atmospheric agents do not damage the reinforced concrete, causing the iron reinforcement to come out and causing its rusting, as well as the crumbling of the concrete itself.

Carrying out the repair of the fence or wire mesh: the most used materials

What comes into play when you start repairing the fence or wire mesh is first of all the raw material that underlies its construction.

Among the most requested and installed fences we have undoubtedly:

  • Those made from soft metal nets, supported by special poles, which can be drowned in concrete or simply placed in the ground. The repair of the metal mesh is quick and easy: in fact, it is enough to untie the damaged part from the support pole and replace the entire section, or cut only the damaged portion of the mesh and tie to it – always with wire or plastic clamps – a new section this solution is decidedly more handcrafted and aesthetically it is not ideal, even if it will save you time and money;
  • The so  called electro-welded nets , ie made starting from the welding of various rigid metal parts and which are always bolted to support poles. Often these fences have a small brick threshold, which implements their robustness and acts as a foundation. The repair of the electro-welded wire mesh is identical to the soft one: in fact it is based on unscrewing the damaged section and replacing the entire panel, or cutting the damaged portion with the flexible one and welding a part of the mesh to replace it;
  • The wooden fences, whose repair usually involves the grouting of one or more damaged slats, or their replacement from scratch . The price of the repair of the wooden fence depends a lot on the essence you have chosen: in fact in this case the raw material will greatly affect the final estimate of the work;
  • The wrought iron fences, elegant and refined, which can be exposed over time to rust and oxidation that affect one or more elements. The replacement of them is very complicated, especially if we are talking about extensive portions of the fence; hence the high labor costs.
  • The dry stone walls, typical of rural and rustic areas, which are based solely on the insertion of interlocking blocks of various sizes, without using mortar or other binders. This technique requires a lot of expertise, since a single element of the fence that is not solid and suitably cut and sized could cause the entire building to collapse,
  • Brick or masonry fences, such as those in cement and concrete, whose repair is usually based on the injection of new cementitious material or the replacement of one or more damaged bricks.

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