All about how to plant onions

All about how to plant onions

If you’re thinking of planting onions, surely you know that each area has its way, and that is dependent on a long series of circumstances and requirements to achieve the best results. Today we can plant them at home, and thus enjoy the benefits of onion without having a large orchard for it.

Without further ado, let’s see step by step how and when to plant onions

Do you want to plant onions? Check out these tips


Onions should give them the sun every day so that they can thrive.

Soil type

Onions need a kind of soil that is rich in nutrients; it is valid to plant and cultivate. The best practice is to use a sandy loam soil; avoid those that are too sandy or clay.

The problem of the latter soils does not allow onion could get to develop, much less flourish.


Another key that we should be clear about when to plant onions is that they need very little water for its development.

Specifically, they will need more water when your bulbs begin to develop. Once this is done, the amount of water will be minimal.

Onion is susceptible to extreme changes in temperature and humidity; These changes could damage its structure, making for cracks that could kill her.

When to plant onions?

Onions can be planted in summer, winter, or spring.

  • Summer: If you decide to plant in summer, wait at the end of the season. We will place the seeds with enough space between them, and then we will cover the pots with compost (with 1.5cm or so). If the winter is very extreme in the area in which you live, the best you can do is to use tunnels to protect raw onions. Once I got the spring season will proceed to cull plants.
  • Winter: When to know when to plant onions winter, you should know that you can do this at any time of the season. However, if the winter is hard on your area, the best you can do is plant them inside your house.

When planting in winter, we have to transplant them once spring arrives. This will be done when the soil is arid garden or in pots late to be placed on a terrace or balcony.

  • Spring: It is the most challenging period for planting onions. Just do it if you live in a place where the summer is cold and moist, well, if your intention is not to store onions. How to plant onions in this period is the same as in summer, with the only difference that should be clear about 10cm between a plant and the other, once each has reached 10 centimeters.


We will have to control the onion until we see that the vertices of it start to get yellow. It will be at that time when we have to twist them until their necks break. These collars so we must stop growing with the rest of the plant while having contact with the earth.

It is at this moment when the onion begins to ripen.

Also, it will necessitate raising the onion bulbs.

Let stand everything under the sun for a period of 15 days.


If you want to know all about how to plant onions, you must know all the pests that can affect it. The most common pest is the horseflies, mosquitoes similar to those insects. Many commercial repellents can help us to finish them … however, we recommend that you make them homemade.

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