All about rhododendron care

All about rhododendron care

From the outset, given the beauty of flowers, rhododendrons would soon reach the gardens, one of the plants that enjoy more popularity in them today. We can find many variations of this plant, so it is available in multiple shapes and colors.

Do you want to plant a rhododendron? So you want to know your care.

Temperature and lighting

The good news is that the rhododendron is that it requires exceptional weather conditions. They can be adjusted to virtually any temperature, although we must be cautious with frost.

The most logical thing is to plant before winter arrives; If we do during the winter season, the chances are that it is not yet strong enough to withstand such extreme temperatures.

It is recommended that rhododendrons receive enlightenment they need directly from the sun, better at noon. Controls the evolution of the sun throughout the garden looking for space where the most amount of sun longer, especially once they have passed the 3 or 4 pm.

It would help if you did the plantation there, or control the rhododendron potted here.

If you’re going to plant it in a pot and keep it inside, strive to get insolated every day (at least 4 hours per day).

Soil and fertilizer

The land also has to be studied. Drainage is critical, as this will prevent the roots will get an excessive amount of water. If outdoor plants, watering the garden, about 30 minutes will be enough to get the water it needs.

Of course, when the accumulation of water in some places, as moisture, could generate bacteria and fungi.

Experts recommend using a type of natural fertilizer that is capable of varying the pH of the nutrient that is in the field. You can get them in any nursery, but if in doubt you should consult a professional before decantarte by one at random.


One of the peculiarities of the rhododendron is that entangle along whatever you have at hand; for example, it can implicate along a wall, the floor, through a wall, fence, etc.

If we think carefully, we can place the plant in a strategic location from unpopulated areas covering the garden.

Some tips on caring for rhododendrons

  • Water: Controls in detail the amount of water they receive in the summer season. If the temperature is very high in the area where you live, you can water the rhododendron twice daily; one before 6 in the morning and after 6 pm. Do not overwater the day’s rain, because drown the plant.
  • Fertilizer: Abona the plant annually during the autumn season. The compost will provide all the nutrients they need to endure in excellent condition throughout the year.
  • Pruning occasionally, Check the Rhododendron and removes those leaves that have dried. If you do not need to use scissors, do not; usually by merely turning the withered leaves will be more than enough to remove them. The only maintenance required is to prune the plant once a year and is something that is usually done in the spring. If your goal is to cover spaces, then I will not need pruning.
  • Caution pests: The biggest enemy of rhododendrons are caterpillars. If you find one that is devouring the plant, remove it from there as soon as possible. How you will not be able to control the situation at all times, the best thing to do is spray some insecticide around the plant (you can also put a minimal amount in leaves, but do not go overboard or you could poison).
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