Everything about the trunk Brazil

Everything about the trunk Brazil

It is characterized by a sheet composed of various shades of green. Furthermore, as the plant evolves, leaves the bottom will lose. This, though a priori it may seem unsightly, relieve a decorative stem that will complement the decor of any environment.

It is relatively easy to grow, so we should have no problem to do so.

However, we have prepared some of his most personal care.

Trunk Brazil: Care

Temperature and lighting

Trunk or Brazilwood is afraid of the cold, so when temperatures drop, we have significant problems. Experts do not recommend the temperature is below 15 ° C to evolve, though, at least theoretically, it is capable of withstanding 5 ° C.

At the same time, we must protect it from temperature changes between day and night, and any drafts that may affect you.


The substrate has to be slightly moist at all times, but being careful not to soak. In winter, it is sufficient to water the trunk of Brazil with a frequency of 7-12 days. In summer, we will have to increase the spectrum, but not too much: with watering every 3-4 days will be enough.

This plant preferred that the humidity is high. In addition to irrigation, it would not hurt to spray the foliage with warm water at a frequency of 2-3 times a week.

Necessary: Do not spray the foliage if in direct contact with the sun as the plant could burn.

The main problem that the plant lacks moisture is to be dried, beginning with the ends and then moving along the entire sheet.


The subscriber must book for spring and summer seasons. Once we have done, we must add fertilizer every two weeks or so. The amount of fertilizer will be minimal, and always will be diluted with water watering.


Although the Brazilwood will not affect many insects, the performance of some species can be chaotic. The most common pests that can occur are composed of red spider mites, aphids or scale insects by.

Spider mites have a size of 0.5mm, clearly visible. They will attack leaves, causing rot and fall. Mealybugs are presented as a kind of barnacle, somewhat more complicated to see that spiders. Aphids are misshapen and sticky mass that can occur anywhere in the trunk of Brazil.

Whenever possible, the most advisable to eliminate these pests option is to use natural remedies.


  • Cleaning: While maintaining the plant, as you have seen, is quite simple, it also requires cleaning of the leaves occasionally. Thus avoiding dust to accumulate in them and that can perform photosynthesis difficult.
  • Transplanting: Once the floor of Brazil wood has completed 2-3 years, it will be time to change the pot. No need to be too large, since the plant will never occupy also. The most logical thing is to do the transplant at the time when spring arrives.
  • Multiplication: We can multiply the cutting plant in another pot buds that appear along the trunk. It is preferable to do it in spring or, failing that, in the summer.

Some problems that can present the trunk Brazil and its solution

If the plant has leaf burn means you are getting much direct sunlight.

If the color is yellow leaves, it is a sign that you are watering too.

I you have a dull or missing light or missing payment (or both).

If the leaves out small, or the plant is unable to grow, he needs more fertilizer.

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