How to plant in the garden lentils from home

How to plant in the garden lentils from home

Lentils are nutritious, rich in protein, iron, and fiber, so they are recommended to combat anemia. Read on to learn how to plant lentils in the garden of your house.

When and where to plant lentils?

The lentil plant can be planted two weeks before the end of the winter in cold climates and fall in warm climates in a pot with loose soil, well-drained, having a pH of 5.5 to 9, and possessing a rich organic matter in fosforo.

You can also plant seeds inside in holes 1 to 2.5cm deep and 2.5 cm between them and then transplanting them outside once the seedlings are large enough to be manipulated. Seedlings will be planted at 12cm away. The ideal temperature lentils germinate round around 20 ° C. If possible. Use covers the seedlings are protected from late frosts. These will require approximately 100 days to mature.

Lentils can tolerate cold temperatures, but not withstand frost. Before planting lentils, choose a place in the garden where it can receive direct sunlight and avoid planting lentils where there are other legumes, onions, or garlic.

Other Lentil plant care

  • Once the pods of the plant lentils begin to dry, stop watering.
  • Lentils will require a trellis to support their vineyards, but if you do not use, you need more space between each plant. A trellis will help reduce pests and diseases.
  • This plant does not tolerate weeds, so you’ll need to pay close attention to that.
  • If the plants in a rich and fertile soil precisarás no fertilizer, but if you do not advise you to take some compost when they reach nearly 13cm high and repeat this when they begin to bloom.

Collection lentils

Lentils can be collected to be used as dried vegetables or peas. If you’re going to use as pulses, have to wait 110 days of ripening and take the pods once these are well hardened. Retírales shell until you want to use it. If you’re going to use even when green vegetables like peas, you have to harvest them after 70 days.

Pests and diseases lentils

  • Aphid: this insect is green and feeds on plant sap lentils. If you want to fight aphid, use potassium soap mixed with neem oil.
  • Weevils: This pest causes holes in the grain. If you simply want to prevent, it will have to apply insecticides when the pods begin to set.

Fungi: There are several types of fungi that can attack the plant Lentil. Use a ponytail to prevent them.

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