Types of roses

Types of roses

To help with this, we have prepared a guide through which we know the main types of roses that exist and their main features.

Know the main types of roses that are

Roses are classified into three main groups, and each is composed, in turn, by as many types of roses. The rankings have come out, taking into account the history of the rose, the way it has to grow, cultivation care, and other important factors.

Antique roses

The ancient old roses or are those who come from very specific countries. Its main feature is that it has existed since at least the year 1867 without experiencing any modification.

Another feature is their flowering, and that only does it once before the start of the summer. When they do, we can identify thanks to its strong odor.

In addition, they are very resilient, even the most aggressive climates and require minimal pruning.

Some examples of old roses are Yolande d’Aragon, Baronne Prevost and Lady Banks,

wild roses

Wild roses (also known as Wild), are defined as classes of roses that have lived without the action of man; that is, by their own means.

You usually find them in red, white and pink hues, but can also be located in other colors. They have five petals, are very easy to maintain, hold up well, and, in the same way as before, only bloom once a year.

The Multiflora Rose and Rugosa Rose are among the best examples.

 Modern Rosales

The final classification of types of roses is that of the modern/hybrid roses. They were created by man; for it was a rigorous selection of the best parts of the old flowers: the result is a new generation of roses.

They are roses created as: in cultures of these flowers have gotten new colors, fragrances, and most varied sizes. They also have been modified to have a greater disease, besides more frequently to bloom resistance.

That is, that not only bloom once a year.

Within this classification of types of roses, we can make another division again:

Rosa Grandiflora

The type of rose is characterized by abundant bloom. The flowers grow on long stems base; these can be grouped either be unique.

Rosa Floribunda

For its part, the variation of floribunda rose to present flowers along with a singular form of clusters. The flowers are small, but also brighter.

Not only bloom once, but it can do so throughout the entire season.

Rosa hybrid tea

Today is the most popular type of rose. They are very large and beautiful; In addition, we can get a wide range of colors.

For example, if you’ve ever bought roses for your boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine ‘s Day, chances are you’ve opted for this type.

Some examples of hybrid tea roses are the Amber Queen or Gold Medal.

Classification by growth form.

Also, depending on how growth also rose, some classifications are established:

  • Increase in miniature: Roses are between 30-90cm, ideal for planting in small pots.
  • Climbers: They grow along stems that can be tied to fences or pergolas. They help create privacy in any environment.
  • Shrub: They grow vertically, either across the floor. They do not require any support and can bloom several times.

Rosal stand/tree: Finally, we have this kind of rosebush. The great advantage thereof is that it is highly decorative but, instead, require high maintenance, besides being very vulnerable to cold.

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